May 6-7, 2015


1, Piazza Giulio Cesare, Bari, Italy


4/50 seats


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The course has been very successful.

 “A unique opportunity to meet the experts from Harvard and Oslo Medical Schools, and learn the tricks about Medical Publishing in the best scientific journals in the world! Join this intensive day and enjoy the practical activities to make your next paper the best!” 

The course is opened to motivated students, researchers, MDs, Residents, PhDs, BSCs, Pharmacists willing to improve their impact in Science. Limited number of places available.

fee: 300 euro/person

Venue: University of Bari Medical School                               .

Audience: This course is intended for clinicians and clinical researchers with some experience in medical writing, or with interest in starting to write or review scientific papers.

Expected workload: The course requires attendance (8 hours), and adequate preparation of the three papers which will be sent out to each participant four weeks before the course. The expected workload for preparation of the papers prior to the course date is 8 hours (16 hours in total).


For Outbreaks 1 and 2: Course divided into 4 groups. Each group assigned to one / two course teachers: 

Group 1: J. Thomas Lamont /Piero Portincasa 

Group 2: Erlend Hem 

Group 3: Mette Kalager

Group 4: Michael Bretthauer 


Accreditation: 0.3 credits for medical students. Further accreditation to be defined

Under the patronage of:

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Scientific Secretariat:
Piero Portincasa, MD, PhD
Leonilde Bonfrate, MD
Ornella de Bari, BSc, PhD
Federico Mastroleo

Department of Biomedical Sciences
and Human Oncology
University of Bari Medical School

In partnership with:


Albo Nazionale Provider ECM n°425

Event Teacher / meet your Mentors!

Erlend Hem, MD


Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association (more…)

J Thomas LaMont, MD

Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School Associate Editor, New England Journal of Medicine (more…)

Mette Kalager, MD

Assistant Professor

Dep. of Health Management and Health Economics University of Oslo, Norway Dep. of Research, Telemark Hospital, Norway Dep. of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health (more…)

Michael Bretthauer, MD

Professor of Medicine

Dep. of Health Management and Health Economics University of Oslo, Norway Dep. of Transplantation Medicine Oslo University Hospital, Norway Dep. of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health (more…)

Piero Portincasa, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine

University of Bari Medical School President European Society of Clinical Investigation Associate Editor, European Journal of Clinical Investigation Scientific Secretariat (more…)

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This course is intended for professionals with some experience in scientific writing or with interest in writing or reviewing scientific papers.
Course divided into 4 groups. Each group assigned to one/two course teachers.
Coffee breaks and mediterranean lunch included

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Event Location

Policlinico Hospital,
Piazza Giulio Cesare n. 1,
University of Bari Medical School,
70124 Bari, Italy

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